About Oomph Bangladesh

Oomph Bangladesh is a Dhaka, Bangladesh-based entertainment event organizer owned by Lori A. Walsh Imdad and Bushra Sabah Imdad, who bring their unique talents to the company. With an experience of over 10 years of organizing events both in Dhaka and New York, they are able to bring new meaning to events in Bangladesh and offer a wide range of fusion concepts for any event.

Our passion is producing unforgettable events. Finding interesting venues, letting our imagination run wild with theming and styling ideas, and finding that perfect piece of entertainment are all things that float our boat.

Who We Are

Oomph Bangladesh, Lori Imdad, Bedheadz, DIPLO, DIPLO in Dhaka,

Lori Ann Walsh Imdad’s name has been synonymous with organizing events with various organizations in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for the last ten years.

She has been an executive member of the Dhaka American Women’s Club since 2005. She has organized large and small fundraisers that included multiple performers. Since 2009 she has chaired their largest event, the “Hollywood Ball,” held at the Radisson Blu Hotel. She has also chaired many other events that they hold as well. In 2009, she organized the American Employees Association’s Bengali New Year Celebration that featured the internationally renowned Bangladeshi band, Miles (lead singer is Hamid Ahmed). She also has worked with the Bangladeshi (though internationally renowned group called LRB (lead singer Late Ayub Bacchu). These two groups have performed all around the world.

Lori led the charge for bringing DIPLO to Bangladesh and closely liaised with his management, local government, and embassies to ensure his smooth arrival and uneventful stay in Dhaka for Oomph Bangladesh. 

Oomph Bangladesh, Bedheadz, DIPLO, DIPLO in Dhaka,

Bushra Sabah Imdad

Bushra has served as an activist and political organizer for several organizations. She went into action aft the collapse of Rana Plaza whilst living in New York City, by working with the Alliance of South Asian-American Labor (ASAAL). She and her team successfully settled an agreement and collected signatures for the Safety Accord that went into effect on May 15, 2013.

She then went on to serve the campaigns of Comptroller, John Liu and candidate for Public Advocate, Reshma Saujani. Since coming to Bangladesh, she has become a member of and has assisted both the Dhaka American Women’s Club and Expatriate Club, while continuing her higher education at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) as a part-time student (Marketing is her major).

Since the start of Oomph Bangladesh, she has been actively contacting international artists for performances. 

Kadin Imdad

Kadin Ehsan Imdad 

Kadin is a music producer and social media manager and was responsible for the exponential growth of online brands such as Goats of Bangladesh.

He joined Oomph in 2016 as an Event Manager and also performed in the Diplo in Dhaka event as an artist.

Since the start of Oomph Bangladesh, he has been liaising with international artists for performances.

He is currently a student at Simon Fraser University and on leave.