cropped-MK-Background.jpgMuzikraft designs events with passion to bring meaning to our society. With this in mind I’ve begun a revamp of my sight. I look forward to launching my first event in 2017 an evening of music and kraft. Muzikraft.

Featured artists may include:

Tashfee with her amazing vocals and Beatbakhso with his great sounds! Here is a clip of them together! You can’t go wrong!

Other artists may include Bedheads, Samin-al-Sabah, and others. Venue and date are yet to be determined, so stay tuned! Keep the beats alive with MuziKraft.

Beatbaksho AKA Shanto
Beatbaksho AKA Shanto

Moktadir Dewan Shanto is also known as ‘Beat Baksho,’ and is reknown as the first recognized beat boxer to come onto Bangladesh’s music scene. In short, “BeatBaksho” a.k.a Shanto is a beatboxer, a looper artist, an acappella enthusiast, a guitarist, a voice-over artist and an RJ from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This incredible musician is now a role model for the upcoming musicians in Bangladesh. On November 22, 2015, he participated as one of the speakers for TEDx Dhaka. During his talk he spoke about exploring different genres and the current evolution of our countries music scene. According to Shanto, “As musicians, we should always try to think outside the box. Coming up with better sounds should be one of our main priorities. Some times what can’t be accomplished on a drum or sampler can be accomplished with one’s own mouth,” says the beat boxer. He first began beat boxing by accident when he tried to copy Michel Jackson. “Back then I didn’t know what I was doing other than making sounds from my mouth. I learned the term when I saw MJ referring to it as beat boxing.”

He has also talked about the struggles he went through. “When I first started beat boxing on stage, I heard people saying things like there’s nothing instrumental about it and I remember being called a ‘wannabe DJ’. But I am very glad that this scenario is changing rapidly as a lot of young beat boxers are on the rise,” he says. Though he has worked with many genres, Shanto doesn’t follow any particular one. He says, “If you see my play-list you will see all kinds of artists in there. I think sticking to a specific genre will deprive you from a lot of great music. So for me if it’s good, it’s good!”

Beatbaksho the king of Deshi Hiphop and definitely one to watch.